ACTi im Einsatz bei einem Automobilhersteller für Speziallanwendungen

ACTi im Einsatz bei dem beliebtesten Bulgarischem Automobilhersteller für Spezialanwendungen TRANSFORM. Mit 16 Stück der 1.3 Megapixel Tag / Nacht Kamera ACM-1231 wurde das bestehende analoge Überwachungsystem gegen ein modernes IP basiertes Videosystem erneuert. Ohne eine zusätzliche Beleuchtung wird hier dank der integrierten IR LED`s auch bei schwachem Licht eine gute Ausleuchtung / Belichtung erreicht. Der Hauptvorteil einer IP basierten Videoüberwachung ist die Ausgezeichnete Videoqualität: 1.3 Megapixel bei einer 1280×1024 Auflösung!

Erwähnenswert ist hier auch die kostenfreie 16 Kanal NVR Software von ACTi. Diese äussert effiziente Software liegt jeder Megapixel IP-Kamera der Firma ACTi bei.

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Beispiel für die Tag/Nacht Qualität der ACM-1231:
ACTi’s Unified Megapixel solution is deployed to protect the famous vehicle conversion company, TRANSFORMA, in Bulgaria. TRANSFORMA is a company that focuses on converting branded automobiles into wide range of special-functioned vehicles. Peugeot, Renault, Ford, Mercedes and Iveco are re-equipped to fulfill specific needs in people transport and goods transport, and for special functions such as ambulances, security vehicles, etc. Hundreds of specialized vehicles are produced every year in the assembling sector (420 square meters) located in the capital city, Sofia. The whole production center with a total area of 1100 square meter is now under protection by ACTi’s Unified IP Surveillance solution.16 pieces of 1.3 Megapixel Day & Night IP Bullet cameras, ACM-1231, were installed by ACTi’s local certified partner, RED Security, which successfully replaced its existing analog CCTV system (380TVL and recording at CIF resolution). With the powerful function of built-in IR LED illumination, security officers of the TRANSFORMA can easily see clear images even in a low-light condition. Superior video quality, 1.3 Megapixel at 1280×1024 resolution, is the major advantage of adapting an IP solution. “We are highly impressed with ACTi’s Unified Megapixel IP surveillance solution. By implementing this new surveillance system, we have put on a sound footing for our duty.” says the Chief Security Officer of TRANSFORMA.

ACTi’s IP Video management software – NVR Enterprise, provides complete control of the 16 pieces Megapixel bullet cameras. In this new IP-based system, all videos are recorded in the NVR server. Security officers are able to do the system configuration and daily monitoring through the NVR server in the control room. The administrator can also easily connect to the NVR server to do remote monitoring via Internet Explorer. ACTi’s free bundled 16-channel NVR software, as one part of the Unified Solution, not only fulfills the security requirement from the end users, but also saves their budget on the entire surveillance system.

Due to its existing networking infrastructure, the vehicle company significantly decreases the overall installation costs and efforts. The new IP surveillance solution ensures better scalability in the future expansion. “I would like to thank RED Security for the great job they’ve done to convince us to choose the new IP surveillance solution for our factory. It is the best IP surveillacne solution with the most affordable price!” quoted from CEO of TRANSFORMA.

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